Best Shawarma Places In Ras Al Khaimah

Welcome to a flavorful journey through the bustling lanes of Ras Al Khaimah as we take you to the best shawarma places in town. When it comes to mouth-watering middle-eastern street food, nothing quite hits the spot like a well-grilled, succulent shawarma. Packed with juicy meat, fresh vegetables, and tangy sauces, a good shawarma can be the highlight of a culinary adventure in this Emirate.

Ras Al Khaimah, known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, also boasts an impressive variety of authentic shawarma joints. Whether you’re a local foodie or a traveling gourmand, these spots offer the best shawarmas with their unique blend of spices and cooking techniques that have been perfected over time. So, sit back and prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable expedition to the shawarma paradise of Ras Al Khaimah.

Shawerma Al Farooj – Al Dhait

Shawerma Al Farooj – Al Dhait is a popular shawarma restaurant in Ras Al Khaimah. Rated 4.0 with over 241 reviews, this spot boasts a reputation for serving scrumptious shawarmas with a unique blend of spices. Despite a slightly higher price compared to other shawarma outlets, the taste and quality it delivers make it worth every penny. The restaurant not only takes pride in its flavorful chicken shawarma but also offers mouth-watering sandwiches, which are generously filled with a mix of fries and shawarma.

  • Address: PWXC+GW4 – Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Rd – Al Dhait – Ras al Khaimah
  • Contact: 07 235 0052
  • Review count: 241
  • Order online:

Our Recommendation

As part of your culinary exploration in Ras Al Khaimah, we highly recommend adding Shawerma Al Farooj – Al Dhait to your list. Despite some reviews expressing concerns about the higher prices and the amount of chicken in the shawarma, the overall feedback is overwhelmingly positive. As foodies, we believe the slightly higher cost reflects the quality and taste that Shawerma Al Farooj brings to your plate. So, whether you are a local or a visitor, make sure to savour the shawarmas at Shawerma Al Farooj – Al Dhait and embark on this flavorful journey.

Al Maidan Shawarma – شاورما الميدان

Dive into the rich, vibrant flavors of Al Maidan Shawarma, one of the top-rated shawarma joints in Ras Al Khaimah. Renowned for its succulent Arabic shawarmas and refreshing juices, this restaurant successfully combines traditional cooking techniques with a unique blend of spices to offer an unforgettable culinary experience. Whether you’re seeking a quick snack or a fulfilling meal, Al Maidan Shawarma’s diverse menu is sure to satisfy your cravings, making it a must-visit destination for every food lover.

Known for their excellent customer service, Al Maidan Shawarma also offers a variety of dining options. From dine-in and takeaway to no-contact delivery, the restaurant caters to all your needs, ensuring a safe and comfortable dining experience even amid the ongoing pandemic. Al Maidan Shawarma’s commitment to top-quality food and exceptional service has earned it numerous positive reviews, making it a standout in Ras Al Khaimah’s culinary scene.

  • Address: Al Nakheel – Ras al Khaimah
  • Hours: Open from 7:30 AM to 2:00 AM, Sunday to Thursday; 7:30 AM to 1:00 AM on Fridays.
  • Contact: 07 227 1193
  • Review Count: 184 reviews
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Website:

Our Recommendation

At Al Maidan Shawarma, every bite is a gastronomic delight. From their highly-praised Arabic shawarmas to the irresistible French fries with red chutney, there’s something for everyone. We highly recommend pairing your meal with their refreshing watermelon juice – it’s the perfect way to round off your shawarma experience. Despite a few delivery hiccups reported, the quality of food and overall dining experience have been largely praised by customers. With its welcoming atmosphere, excellent food, and affordable pricing, Al Maidan Shawarma is undoubtedly a gem in Ras Al Khaimah’s shawarma paradise.

Mr. Shawarma

Mr. Shawarma is a fast-food hotspot in the heart of Ras Al Khaimah, notable for its succulent shawarmas and customer-friendly services. This eatery has built a reputation as a go-to destination for food lovers seeking quick, delicious meals in a clean and welcoming environment. With an emphasis on no-contact delivery and drive-through options, Mr. Shawarma ensures that its patrons enjoy a safe and convenient dining experience.

The restaurant prides itself on swiftly preparing mouth-watering meals, with their chicken shawarma and grape leaves earning top-notch reviews. Despite being a fast-food joint, Mr. Shawarma does not compromise on quality or taste, promising an exceptional culinary experience with every visit.

  • Address: Unnamed Road – Julfar – Ras al Khaimah
  • Hours: Open daily from 12 PM to 2 AM
  • Contact: 052 451 1221
  • Review Count: 101 reviews
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Website: [Pending]

Our Recommendation

Our visit to Mr. Shawarma was undoubtedly a gastronomic delight. The restaurant excels in crafting superb chicken shawarmas, with grape leaves as another stand-out option. The staff’s friendliness and efficiency further enhance the dining experience. We also appreciate their commitment to health and safety with their no-contact delivery and drive-through services. Despite a few criticisms around the beef shawarma, the majority of reviews praise the quality of the food and the overall dining experience. With its inviting ambiance, excellent meals, and reasonable prices, Mr. Shawarma is another notable entry in Ras Al Khaimah’s fast-food arena.

Shawarma Rise شاورما رايز

Experience the delight of authentic Middle Eastern flavors at Shawarma Rise شاورما رايز, a renowned establishment in the vibrant culinary scene of Ras Al-Khaimah. Famous for its amazing chicken and beef shawarmas, Shawarma Rise شاورما رايز entices food lovers with a varied menu and mouthwatering delicacies.

Their spicy shawarma meal box, loaded with spicy sauces and tender meat, is a must-try. The restaurant offers a balanced blend of traditional and modern, ensuring a unique gastronomic adventure. With a commitment to no-contact delivery and takeaway services, Shawarma Rise شاورما رايز guarantees a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

  • Address: RX22+G5J – Iceroll Building – Al Qasimi Corniche Rd – RAK City – Ras Al-Khaimah
  • Hours: Open daily from 1 PM to 2 AM
  • Contact: 050 132 3248
  • Review Count: 71 reviews
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Website: [Pending]

Our Verdict

Shawarma Rise شاورما رايز is a crown jewel in the fast-food industry of Ras Al-Khaimah, offering a remarkable twist on traditional shawarmas. The food, ambiance, delivery service, and staff efficiency paint a picture of a restaurant that has truly mastered the art of fast food with a local flair. Notably, the spicy shawarma meal box is a must-try item. Although no website is currently available, the reviews speak volumes about the popularity of Shawarma Rise شاورما رايز. With its impressive rating and positive feedback, we highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a delightful shawarma experience.

Malek Al Shwarma

Experience authentic Middle Eastern tastes at Malek Al Shwarma, a distinguished member of Ras Al-Khaimah’s vibrant food scene. Known for its exceptional shawarmas in a variety of flavors, Malek Al Shwarma attracts food enthusiasts with its extensive menu and tantalizing options. Whether you’re craving traditional or modern touches, every dish promises a unique culinary journey. With a dedication for both dine-in and no-contact delivery services, Malek Al Shwarma ensures a secure and enjoyable dining experience.

  • Address: RX8M+C6Q – Julfar – Ras Al-Khaimah
  • Hours: Open daily from 8 AM to 12 AM
  • Contact: 07 223 8539
  • Review Count: 79 reviews
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Website:

Our Recommendation

Malek Al Shwarma reigns as a prominent figure in the fast-food scene of Ras Al-Khaimah, delivering an exciting spin on traditional shawarmas. The combination of food quality, ambiance, delivery service, and staff kindness paints a picture of a restaurant that has indeed perfected the art of fast food with an ethnic touch. Given the high rating and positive reviews, we strongly recommend this restaurant to anyone seeking an authentic shawarma experience. Please note, taste preferences may vary, and some may find a lack of spice in the shawarmas, while others will appreciate the more subtle flavors.

SHAWARMA Vibes RAK شاورما فايبس راس الخيمه

Experience the unique taste of shawarma at SHAWARMA Vibes RAK شاورما فايبس راس الخيمه, a distinguished fast-food restaurant noted for its distinctive flavor profiles and excellent service. This culinary gem in Ras Al-Khaimah serves up a broad range of delectable shawarmas, winning critical acclaim for their tender, juicy meats and delicious wraps.

Drawing customers in with its mouth-watering offerings and convenient services like dine-in, takeaway, and no-contact delivery, SHAWARMA Vibes RAK ensures a memorable food experience. With late-night operating hours, it’s the perfect spot to satisfy your shawarma cravings at any time.

  • Address: PVQX+R25 – Unnamed Road – Al Dhait South – Ras al Khaimah
  • Hours: Open Saturday 1 PM–2 AM, Sunday to Thursday 1 PM–1 AM, Friday 2 PM–2 AM
  • Contact: 056 645 5434
  • Review Count: 90 reviews
  • Rating: 3.8/5
  • Website:

Our Recommendation

SHAWARMA Vibes RAK has established its reputation as a noteworthy fast-food restaurant in Ras Al-Khaimah. Its commitment to quality and taste shines through in their well-crafted shawarmas, earning them a solid customer base and positive reviews. However, some reviews highlight the high prices relative to the portion sizes. Our recommendation is to try their beef and chicken shawarmas, but be mindful of the cost. As always, taste preferences and value for money perceptions may vary from person to person.

Shawerma Al Farooj Restaurant

Located in the heart of Dafan Al Khor, Shawerma Al Farooj Restaurant masterfully combines tradition and modernity in its culinary offerings. This restaurant is a popular haunt for shawarma lovers, known for its tantalizing, flavorsome shawarmas that are both authentic and innovative. Featuring dine-in, drive-through, and no-contact delivery options, it presents a convenient way to satisfy your Middle Eastern cuisine cravings. Besides, its impressive service and cleanliness standards set it apart in the fast-food landscape of Ras al Khaimah.

  • Address: Sheikh Mohammed bin Salem St – Dafan Al Khor – Ras al Khaimah
  • Hours: Open daily from 12:30 PM to 1:30 AM
  • Contact: 07 233 3773
  • Review Count: 823 reviews
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Website: [Pending]

Our Recommendation

Our visit to Shawerma Al Farooj Restaurant was a culinary experience par excellence. The restaurant’s shawarmas, particularly the spicy chicken variant, are an absolute must-try. The menu also offers a range of other flavors like Lebanese and Mexican to cater to diverse tastes. Along with their superb food, the restaurant also scores high on quick service and a clean environment. Despite some reviews mentioning the spiciness level of certain dishes, the majority of patrons lauded the shawarma quality and overall dining experience. The courteous and friendly staff further enhance the visitor’s experience. With its mouthwatering food, prompt service, and hygienic practices, Shawerma Al Farooj Restaurant is an excellent choice for fast-food enthusiasts in Ras Al Khaimah.

Istanbul Shawarma Cafeteria كافيريا شاورما اسطنبول

Istanbul Shawarma Cafeteria كافيريا شاورما اسطنبول is a 24-hour restaurant located in Al Digdaga, Ras al Khaimah, presenting an authentic taste of Middle Eastern cuisine. Known for its appetizing shawarmas, this cafeteria caters to the taste buds of patrons at all hours, delivering a satisfying dining experience. Whether you’re looking for dine-in, takeaway, or no-contact delivery, this cafeteria is ready to serve.

  • Address: MXP8+6HR – Al Digdaga – Ras al Khaimah
  • Hours: Open 24 hours daily
  • Contact: 07 221 4070
  • Review Count: 136 reviews
  • Rating: 3.8/5
  • Website: [Pending]

Our Recommendation

We found our visit to Istanbul Shawarma Cafeteria كافيريا شاورما اسطنبول to be a unique dining experience. With its round-the-clock operation, the cafeteria offers a good option for late-night cravings or early morning hunger pangs. It has received mixed reviews with some patrons appreciating the taste of shawarmas while others found it average. However, considering its operational hours and the convenience it offers, we believe it’s worth a try.

Falafel Abu Naeem Restaurant Cafeteria

Falafel Abu Naeem is a 24-hour restaurant and cafeteria situated in the heart of Ras al Khaimah, serving a remarkable variety of Middle Eastern cuisine. This eatery is particularly celebrated for its delicious falafel and shawarma, offering a true taste of authentic Arab street food. Catering to a wide range of palates, Falafel Abu Naeem ensures a rewarding dining experience for both dine-in and takeaway customers.

  • Address: Al Muntasir Rd, Nakheel Area, Near LULU Center – Ras al Khaimah
  • Hours: Open 24 hours daily
  • Contact: 07 228 1228
  • Review Count: 2,578 reviews
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Website: [Pending]

Our Recommendation

Falafel Abu Naeem offers a unique culinary experience, particularly for lovers of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. With a 4.3-star rating and over 2,500 reviews, this restaurant is clearly a favorite within the community. It’s perfect for those looking for a late-night snack or a satisfying meal at any hour. The service has been praised as being excellent and accommodating, despite language barriers. Whether you’re a fan of shawarma or falafel, Falafel Abu Naeem is definitely worth a visit when in Ras al Khaimah.

Tips for Choosing the Best Shawarma Places in Ras Al Khaimah

  • Check the Reviews: Reviews and ratings from customers can give you an insight into the quality of the shawarma and the overall dining experience at a restaurant. Prioritize establishments with high ratings and positive feedback.
  • Consider Operational Hours: Look for diners that align with your schedule. Some restaurants, like Falafel Abu Naeem, operate 24/7, making them perfect for a late-night snack or an early breakfast.
  • Location Matters: The location of the restaurant can add to the overall experience. Eating shawarma in a bustling, vibrant part of the city can be quite enjoyable.
  • Menu Variety: While shawarma is the main attraction, a restaurant with a diverse menu can provide alternative options if you’re dining with a group of people with different tastes.
  • Price Range: While it’s worth splurging on a delicious shawarma now and then, if you’re planning frequent visits, consider the affordability of the place.
  • Customer Service: Good customer service can enhance your dining experience. Look for restaurants that are known for their friendly and accommodating staff.

In conclusion, Ras Al Khaimah offers a wealth of options for shawarma lovers. Gauging the best place to enjoy this Middle Eastern delicacy comes down to checking customer reviews, considering operational hours, determining location, perusing menu variety, evaluating price range, and assessing the quality of customer service. Remember, the right choice will cater to your personal preference and schedule. Whether it’s the famous Falafel Abu Naeem or another hidden gem, your perfect shawarma spot awaits your discovery in this vibrant city. So, venture out, explore, and let your taste buds guide you through the culinary delights of Ras Al Khaimah.

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