Best Rooftop Restaurants In Ras Al-Khaimah

Thinking of dining with a view? Ras Al-Khaimah is your ultimate destination. Picture this: you’re savoring a delectable meal while the sun sets over the sprawling cityscape, the azure sea stretching out before you, and the stars slowly waking up above. Feeling the vibes already?

However, not all rooftops are created equal – it’s all about the ambiance, the food, and of course, the view. So, we’ve done the legwork for you, rounding up the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah. Whether you’re on a romantic date or just looking to elevate your dinner experience, these places promise a dining experience that’s literally above the rest!

TreeTop Bar

TreeTop Bar is perched atop the DoubleTree by Hilton in Ras Al-Khaimah, quickly gaining fame as one of the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah. With an impressive rating of 4.1 stars from 44 reviews, this splendid rooftop bar offers an indulgent dining experience.

The ambiance is warm and inviting, radiating a casual elegance that’s perfect for both relaxed lounging and romantic dates. The menu serves up a variety of tantalizing dishes that are a gastronomical delight. Sip on their unique cocktails while the city comes alive beneath you. The service, although reportedly slow at times, is efficient and friendly.

Our Recommendation

Though the TreeTop Bar is relatively new to the scene, it has quickly captured the hearts of locals and tourists alike. Its perfect blend of atmosphere, food, and service places it high on the list of must-visit destinations in Ras Al-Khaimah. We recommend visiting during sunset for a truly mesmerising view of the city.

  • Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Jazaah Rd, Al Nakheel, Ras al Khaimah
  • Contact: 07 226 0666
  • Reviews: 4.1 stars from 44 reviews
  • Website:

Levant & Nar – Turkish & Lebanese Restaurant

If you’re on a quest to find the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah, look no further than Levant & Nar – Turkish & Lebanese Restaurant. This gem, tucked away in the InterContinental Resort & Spa, is a must-visit destination for foodies. Not only does it offer a mouthwatering array of Turkish and Lebanese delicacies, but it also boasts an unforgettable dining experience with stunning views of the glistening sea and the twinkling city skyline. The restaurant’s atmosphere is warm and inviting, perfectly complementing its diverse and delicious menu. It’s not just a place to eat; it’s a place to lose yourself in the culinary cultures of Turkey and Lebanon while enjoying an awe-inspiring panorama.

Our Recommendation

Levant & Nar has quickly cemented its place as one of the premier rooftop dining destinations in Ras Al-Khaimah. Its high ratings, tantalizing cuisine, and breathtaking views make it a must-visit spot. We recommend trying their signature dishes for a traditional Turkish and Lebanese gastronomic journey. It’s truly a dining experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

  • Location: Resort & Spa – InterContinental – Mina Al Arab – Ras al Khaimah
  • Contact: 07 202 6666
  • Reviews: 4.5 stars from 202 reviews
  • Website:

Basilico Mediterranean Restaurant

Basilico Mediterranean Restaurant, located on Al Hamra Road, is definitely a top contender for the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah. This Mediterranean establishment offers a dining experience par excellence, nestled in the luxurious Cove Rotana Resort. The restaurant promises an authentic Mediterranean culinary journey with its diverse menu, making it a must-visit destination for foodies and enthusiasts of Mediterranean cuisine. The view is equally breathtaking, adding to the overall charm and appeal of the place.

From delightful starters to delectable mains, and ending with decadent desserts, Basilico ensures that each course is a culinary masterpiece. The restaurant’s ambiance, with its stunning vistas of the Arabian sea, adds a touch of exotic allure, making it a perfect spot for romantic dinners, family get-togethers, or even business lunches.

Our Recommendation

Basilico Mediterranean Restaurant has carved a niche for itself in Ras Al-Khaimah’s dining scene. Its fusion of authentic Mediterranean flavors and a picturesque location provides a unique dining experience. While the entire menu is sumptuous, their seafood offerings are particularly noteworthy. We recommend reserve a table around sunset to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Arabian sea alongside your meal.

  • Location: Al Hamra Road, Al Jazzera – Ras al Khaimah, Located in: The Cove Rotana Resort
  • Contact: 07 206 6351
  • Reviews: 4.1 stars from 356 reviews
  • Website:

Marina Muse

Marina Muse is a standout amongst the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah. Offering a sensational dining experience at the heart of Al Hamra Village, Marina Muse spoils its guests with a unique blend of exquisite food and breathtaking marina views. The restaurant is famed for its delightful menu, excellent service, and the beautiful marina setting that enhances the dining experience, making your meal more than just an ordinary outing.

This fantastic spot has a casual yet classy vibe, inviting you to relax and indulge in the gastronomic delights on offer while soaking up the view. Whether you are looking to kick-start your day with a hearty breakfast, planning a romantic dinner under the stars, or longing for a laid-back day with good food, great music, and stunning views, Marina Muse has got you covered.

Our Recommendation

The Marina Muse restaurant is a gem of a find in Ras Al Khaimah. This extraordinary spot offers a variety of dishes to cater to every palate, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Its charming atmosphere and impressive menu make it a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists. We recommend trying their famous Friday brunch for a true culinary delight.

  • Location: Bern St – Al Hamra Village – Ras al Khaimah
  • Contact: 07 243 2274
  • Reviews: 4.1 stars from 410 reviews

Karma Kafé RAK by Buddha – Bar

Karma Kafé RAK by Buddha – Bar is a splendid addition to the list of the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah. With a rating of 4.5 stars from 105 reviews, it is a culinary destination that impresses with its offerings. Nestled in the beautiful Al Marjan island, this restaurant offers exceptional dining experiences that are truly unforgettable. The menu is a delightful medley of dishes that are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the palate. The cherry on top is the restaurant’s stunning panoramic view of the azure Arabian sea, making it a must-visit place for food and nature lovers alike.

Karma Kafé RAK by Buddha – Bar isn’t just a place to dine; it’s a place to immerse yourself in a captivating atmosphere where every detail, from the food to the drinks, is meticulously crafted to give you a dining experience like no other. The restaurant is known for their sushi, and their dinner menu is always a hit among patrons. With their perfect cocktails and an enchanting atmosphere to boot, this spot is a must-visit for those seeking the best rooftop dining experience in Ras Al-Khaimah.

Our Recommendation

Karma Kafé is undoubtedly a gem in the crown of Ras Al-Khaimah’s dining scene. With rave reviews from locals and tourists alike, it sets a high standard for rooftop dining. We recommend exploring their diverse menu, which boasts a blend of Asian flavors in their signature dishes. The vibe at Karma Kafé RAK by Buddha – Bar is phenomenal, particularly during the evenings when the city’s lights add an extra dash of magic to your dining experience.

  • Location: Al Marjan island – Al Marjan Boulevard – Jazeerat Al Marjan – Ras al Khaimah
  • Contact: 07 209 0099
  • Reviews: 4.5 stars from 105 reviews

Shofee Rooftop Lounge

Shofee Rooftop Lounge, located at the iconic DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island, is a top pick in the list of the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah. Offering a unique blend of culinary delights and a captivating ambiance, Shofee stands out with its magnificent views and exemplary services. This lounge is more than just a place to dine; it’s a destination that promises an unforgettable experience for its visitors. The lounge is known for its exceptional service, delicious food, and the stunning rooftop views that add an extra layer of charm to your dining experience.

Our Recommendation

Visiting Shofee Rooftop Lounge is a treat for the senses. From the fantastic food to the impressive services and the breathtaking views, every aspect of this place promises a dining experience worth remembering. While the lounge is famous for its delightful menu, their shisha offerings are a major draw for the locals and tourists. We recommend visiting Shofee Rooftop Lounge around dusk to catch the beautiful sunset views over a relaxing dinner.

  • Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island – Marjan Island Blvd – Ras al Khaimah
  • Contact: 07 203 0000
  • Reviews: 3.4 stars from 23 reviews
  • Website:

ShaSha Pool & Beach Bar

ShaSha Pool & Beach Bar is an exciting addition to the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah. Perfectly nestled in the heart of the InterContinental Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa, ShaSha offers a unique blend of culinary delights served with a side of breathtaking views. This exceptional spot gives you an unforgettable dining experience, coupling its exquisite menu with an unrivalled beachfront view that is truly a feast for the senses.

The vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant, accentuated by its modern design and impressive service, truly sets it apart. As an ideal location for a relaxing poolside lunch or a romantic beachfront dinner, ShaSha Pool & Beach Bar has quickly become a beloved spot for both locals and tourists seeking the ultimate rooftop dining experience in Ras Al-Khaimah.

Our Recommendation

ShaSha Pool & Beach Bar, with its luxurious setting and high-quality service, is a must-visit dining destination in Ras Al Khaimah. The restaurant’s extensive menu is a testament to its commitment to culinary excellence, with each dish promising a memorable gastronomic journey. The cocktails, skillfully crafted by the professional bartender, come highly recommended. Consider trying their poke bowl, fries, and a sundae for a refreshing and satisfying meal.

  • Location: InterContinental Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa Al Rafaa – Mina Al Arab – Ras al Khaimah
  • Contact: 07 202 6666
  • Reviews: 4.7 stars from 21 reviews
  • Website:

Ramsa Lounge

Ramsa Lounge is an upscale dining gem among the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah. This culinary haven is nestled within the magnificent InterContinental Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa, serving an array of delectable cuisine that leaves guests yearning for more. With a stellar rating of 4.8 from 365 reviews, Ramsa Lounge’s reputation precedes itself. The restaurant provides a serene and elegant rooftop dining experience, offering both dine-in and takeaway options, catering to the needs of all its patrons. The ambiance of Ramsa Lounge, coupled with its superb service and unforgettable dining experiences, earns it a well-deserved spot in the list of best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah.

Our Recommendation

Ramsa Lounge stands out not only for its spectacular rooftop views but also for the rich flavor profiles of its cuisine. The restaurant is particularly famous for its afternoon tea offerings, which come highly recommended by numerous satisfied patrons. We also suggest trying their espresso for an enriching coffee experience. Despite its popularity, Ramsa Lounge maintains a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for casual and intimate dining.

  • Location: InterContinental Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa Al Rafaa – Mina Al Arab – Ras al Khaimah
  • Contact: 07 202 6666
  • Reviews: 4.8 stars from 365 reviews
  • Website:


Al-Maeda is a remarkable Lebanese restaurant situated in Ras Al-Khaimah, offering its patrons a unique blend of culinary delights and an unforgettable dining experience. With numerous positive reviews, it’s rapidly establishing itself as one of the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah. The restaurant’s ambiance is enhanced by a spacious terrace that provides a captivating view of the ocean, making it an ideal location for a rooftop dinner. Al-Maeda is also recognized for its professional staff, who deliver a level of service that complements the high-quality dining experience.

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend Al-Maeda for their exceptional Lebanese cuisine and relaxing ambiance. Their Iftar meal buffet during Ramadan is particularly popular among patrons. The restaurant’s large terrace provides a beautiful ocean view, enhancing your dining experience. Alongside their fantastic food, they also have a diverse selection of music, creating a vibrant atmosphere that is both welcoming and entertaining.

  • Location: Al Maareedh St – New Al Maireed – Ras Al-Khaimah
  • Contact: 056 503 9606
  • Reviews: 4.6 stars from 501 reviews
  • Website:

The Roof Cafe by Manhattan

The Roof Cafe by Manhattan is one of the stellar additions to the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al Khaimah. This cafe offers a unique gastronomic experience with its delectable cuisine and scenic sea views. It’s recognized for its distinctive vibe, marked by a combination of stylish interiors and a welcoming atmosphere. The friendly staff, impeccable service, and diverse menu make it a popular choice among locals and tourists.

Their offerings extend beyond just delightful food and beverages; they also provide an unparalleled rooftop dining experience, ensuring every visit leaves lasting memories. Situated near the sea, the cafe boasts a stunning view that adds to the overall dining experience. Coupled with the high-quality food and friendly staff, The Roof Cafe by Manhattan has it all to make your visit worthwhile.

Our Recommendation

The Roof Cafe by Manhattan is a must-visit for those seeking a unique dining experience in Ras Al Khaimah. The cafe’s seaside location offers breathtaking views, best enjoyed with their diverse menu offerings. A notable mention is their delicious food, meticulously prepared by skilled chefs, that perfectly complements the serene atmosphere. Do not miss their tasty food and friendly service, which consistently receive positive reviews.

  • Location: QWQP+CH2 – Dahan – Ras al Khaimah
  • Contact: (Add phone number)
  • Reviews: 4.1 stars from 10 reviews


In sum, the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah offer more than just great food; they present a wholly immersive experience. From the stunning scenery and ambient music to the top-notch service and delectable cuisine, each establishment adds a unique flavor to the city’s vibrant culinary scene. These rooftop hideaways truly redefine dining, blending taste, comfort, and aesthetic into each bite, each laughter-filled conversation, and each memorable moment.

So, whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner under the stars, a casual catch-up with friends, or a refreshing change of scenery, the best rooftop restaurants in Ras Al-Khaimah have got you covered. Each restaurant not only serves up mouthwatering dishes but also offers a feast for the senses, leaving you with an unforgettable gastronomic journey. Can’t wait to see you there!

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