Top 10 Best Dry Cleaners In Ajman

When it comes to preserving the quality of our garments, selecting the finest dry cleaners is of paramount importance. In the vibrant city of Ajman, nestled in the United Arab Emirates, individuals with discerning taste seek out reputable establishments renowned for their impeccable dry cleaning services. With an abundance of choices available, this compilation of the best dry cleaners in Ajman highlights businesses celebrated for their dedication to excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional customer care. From delicate silk gowns to tailored suits and cherished family heirlooms, these esteemed dry cleaners in Ajman have earned their status as trusted guardians of our valued apparel, offering unparalleled precision and care.

1. Al Noof Laundry

Address: Al Nauiyma 2, King Faisal Road Street – Ajman Contact Number: +97167467554 Reviews Count: ★★★★★ 4.8 | 63 Website: NA Customer Reviews:

  1. Annie Irfan: Very expert & cooperative staff. Good service & quality. I really recommend this laundry 👍.
  2. Aneesa Ikram: Very sharp and good quality services. I like this laundry 👌👍👍.
  3. Shahin Maih: Good service and quality. I recommend this laundry. Staff is very cooperative, rates are also good.

Description: Al Noof Laundry stands as a testament to expert service and cooperative staff. With a focus on quality and professional expertise, it’s a recommended choice for top-notch dry cleaning in Ajman.

2. East West Automatic Laundry

Address: Shop No 06, AYAAD Building Behind Traffic Licensing & Patrol Department Muroor Ajman, Beside Mohammed Abdullah Al Saeedi Masjid (Small Masjid Al Jurf – Ajman Contact Number: +971564351114 Reviews Count: ★★★★★ 4.8 | 77 Website: NA Customer Reviews:

  1. Gurinder Singh: Best service at an affordable price.
  2. Asma: Fantastic service from start to finish! Super efficient and perfect job, 10 out of 10.
  3. Billie Bliss: Speedy and perfect service for a reasonable price.

Description: East West Automatic Laundry offers efficient and fantastic service. With constant updates and friendly texts, they provide a speedy and perfect dry cleaning experience that earns them a 10 out of 10 rating.

3. Location Automatic Laundry

Address: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St – Al Nuaimia 1 – Ajman Contact Number: +971563790205 Reviews Count: ★★★★★ 4.9 | 15 Website: Click here Customer Reviews:

  1. Senthil Kumar: Highly recommend based on my experience. Customer satisfaction, comfortable price, and timely service.
  2. Hazar Al Mhaseess: Excellent, clean clothes, well-ironed, and a pleasant smell.
  3. Malik Enaim: Perfect work, accurate delivery. I suggest you all try it.

Description: Location Automatic Laundry is synonymous with customer satisfaction and timely service. With a focus on quality and comfort, they provide exceptional dry cleaning in Ajman.

4. Jahez Laundry Clothes Washing

Address: شارع مكة المكرمة – Al Rawda 1 – Ajman Contact Number: +971506759818 Reviews Count: ★★★★★ 4.8 | 9 Website: Customer Reviews:

  1. Basel Madi: Very responsive and accommodating staff. Well-washed and well-ironed clothes. Highly recommended!
  2. Mohamed Al Abdouli: Excellent service!! Recommend.
  3. Maram AB: Quick and great service!

Description: Jahez Laundry Clothes Washing provides responsive and accommodating service. With well-washed and well-ironed clothes, they deliver a quick and great dry cleaning experience.

5. Max Clean Laundry

Address: CH8R+5P8 – Al Zahya – Ajman Contact Number: NA Reviews Count: ★★★★★ 4.8 | 5 Website: NA Customer Reviews:

  1. Santhosh Kani: Great service for laundry and dry cleaning. Always my go-to choice.
  2. Jisha Rajesh: Clean and neat, with excellent service.
  3. Ahmed Ali: The best.

Description: Max Clean Laundry is the go-to choice for laundry and dry cleaning. With a focus on great service and cleanliness, they offer a reliable solution for all your cleaning needs.


Address: Sunlite Automatic Laundry – 1 Nuaimiya St – Al Nuaimia 1 – Ajman Contact Number: +97167428393 Reviews Count: ★★★★★ 4.9 | 10 Website: NA Customer Reviews:

  1. Tim Kalu: Commendable responsiveness and addressing concerns. Keep up the good work. Highly recommended to all.
  2. Sreebhav Bhav: Professional and cooperative staff, offering very good service.
  3. Sumanta Chowdhury: Extreme quality cleaning and pressing, along with timely responses, result in a satisfying experience.

Description: SUNLITE AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY sets a high standard with its quality cleaning and pressing. Their commitment to timely responses and top-notch service makes them a recommended choice.


Address: 681 Sheikh Majed Bin Saqr Al Qasimi St – Al Riqa Suburb – Al Azra – Sharjah Contact Number: +971506775210 Reviews Count: ★★★★★ 4.6 | 18 Website: NA Customer Reviews:

  1. Aboodts: Mostly good, with a few minor problems.
  2. Abdul Aziz Ali: Good service.
  3. Mattar El-Ottman: Excellent customer service.

Description: DAWAR AL AZRAH LAUNDRY offers good service with a focus on customer satisfaction. While minor problems might arise, their dedication to excellent customer service remains consistent.

8. Lamasat Automatic Laundry

Address: 1 شارع النعيمية – Al Rashidiya 3 – Ajman Contact Number: +97167469998 Reviews Count: ★★★★★ 4.8 | 5 Website: NA Customer Reviews:

  1. Sadaf Khan: Good service but with relatively high rates.
  2. Ans Knr: Best.
  3. Irfan Yasin: Best.

Description: Lamasat Automatic Laundry is known for providing good service, although rates may be on the higher side. With a focus on quality, they’re considered one of the best in Ajman.

9. Jawdat Al Ibdaa Dry Cleaners & Laundry

Address: 8C2R+7CG – Industrial Area – Muwailih Commercial – Sharjah Contact Number: +97165667010 Reviews Count: ★★★★★ 4.8 | 20 Website: NA Customer Reviews:

  1. Gul Tech: Excellent, fast, efficient, and affordable service. Timely delivery and cooperative staff. Highly recommended!
  2. Rayyan N Ebaad N Uzair Sheikh Ebaad: Same day delivery, a marvelous service recommended to neighbors.
  3. Usman Workshop: Good rates, clean stuff, on-time delivery, and cooperative staff. Well-maintained establishment.

Description: Jawdat Al Ibdaa Dry Cleaners & Laundry provides efficient, fast, and affordable service. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident in their timely and cooperative approach.

10. Ajman Dry Cleaners

Address: 40 37 B St – Al Karama – Dubai Contact Number: +97143368066 Reviews Count: ★★★★★ 4.6 | 14 Website: NA Customer Reviews:

  1. Ziyan Shaik: One of the best places.
  2. Dharmendra Kumar: Best quality service.
  3. Rohit Gothwal: Excellent service.

Description: Ajman Dry Cleaners is celebrated as one of the best places for quality dry cleaning services. Their dedication to excellent service sets them apart in the industry.


Selecting the best dry cleaner is not just about cleaning clothes; it’s about entrusting your valued garments to professionals who understand the importance of quality, care, and precision. The list of the best dry cleaners in Ajman offers a diverse range of establishments, each excelling in their commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and efficient service. From Al Noof Laundry’s expert staff to the speedy and precise service of East West Automatic Laundry, and the quality focus of Location Automatic Laundry, Ajman residents and visitors can confidently rely on these establishments to ensure their clothing receives the utmost care.

These dry cleaners have earned their reputation through positive customer experiences, with customers praising their responsiveness, cooperative staff, and excellent service quality. Whether it’s a delicate silk gown, everyday clothing, or cherished family heirlooms, these dry cleaners are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of your garments while providing top-notch convenience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What should I consider when choosing a dry cleaner? When selecting a dry cleaner, consider factors such as reputation, customer reviews, quality of service, turnaround time, pricing, and the range of services offered.

2. Are these dry cleaners suitable for all types of clothing? Yes, these dry cleaners are experienced in handling a wide range of clothing, including delicate fabrics, suits, gowns, and everyday wear.

3. How can I be sure of the quality of service? Reading customer reviews and ratings is a great way to gauge the quality of service. Positive reviews and high ratings are indicative of customer satisfaction.

4. Can I trust these dry cleaners with valuable or delicate items? Absolutely. These dry cleaners have earned their reputation through their commitment to quality and precision. They understand the importance of caring for valuable and delicate items.

5. Are the contact details and addresses accurate? The contact details and addresses provided were accurate as of the publication date. However, it’s recommended to verify this information before visiting to ensure accuracy.

6. Do these dry cleaners offer delivery services? Many dry cleaners offer delivery services for added convenience. It’s best to inquire directly with the dry cleaner regarding their delivery options.

7. Can I rely on these dry cleaners for urgent cleaning needs? Yes, many of these dry cleaners offer efficient and timely service, which can be particularly helpful for urgent cleaning needs.

8. Are these dry cleaners environmentally friendly? Some dry cleaners may offer eco-friendly cleaning options. It’s recommended to inquire about their cleaning methods and practices.

9. How do I know if a specific dry cleaner is right for me? Consider your specific needs, budget, and preferences. Reading customer reviews can provide insights into the experiences of others and help you make an informed decision.

10. Are these dry cleaners open to the public or restricted to specific customers? These dry cleaners are generally open to the public. However, it’s recommended to check with the specific dry cleaner regarding any restrictions or special services they may offer.

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